car accident

Car accident occurrences are becoming more common across Illinois. In 2021, there were nearly 20% more car accidents reported than the year before – a startling increase. Unfortunately, many of those car accidents include reported injuries. Nearly one in every five reported accidents resulted in an injury, and not all injuries are reported. These injuries can vary in severity from minor to life-altering. 

Car accidents that result in broken limbs are considered among the most severe. Broken bones are considered incapacitating injuries that make the victim unable to perform activities the same as before the injury. Some of the most common types of broken bones include the pelvis, tibia/fibula, femur, spine, sternum, and skull. Even smaller fractures can disrupt someone’s life, often with lasting effects long after the fracture has healed. 

Flying debris, objects from inside the car, and an airbag can all cause significant damage to a person’s head and face in the event of a collision. Broken glass, a loose cell phone, or metal lead to serious harm to a person’s face, including damage to the eye and orbital bone, a broken nose, skull injuries, and cuts/gashes. 

A sudden change in force can also lead to many head injuries, such as concussions, loss of consciousness, and other brain injuries. Many car accident victims who suffer from head injuries may experience memory loss, confusion, seizures, and other extreme symptoms. 

These injuries often require ongoing – and even lifelong – treatment for the victim. From costly plastic surgery to physical therapy, head and face injuries have a serious impact on the victim’s life. 

One of the most common and widely recognized car accident injuries is whiplash. Caused by the sudden impact of an accident, whiplash occurs when the neck quickly moves in one direction, then is immediately forced back in the other direction. Whiplash is common in all types of accidents, ranging in severity from a fender bender to a multi-vehicle collision. Other injuries to the neck and spine are also common, which can lead to debilitating pain, headaches, or loss of feeling in other parts of the body. 

Although serious injuries are common in car accidents, there are also a significant number of minor injuries reported. Scrapes, bruises, bumps, and sprains are frequently reported. Although they don’t cause lasting damage, a minor injury could indicate that there’s something more serious going on. Even if you think your injuries are minor, you should still visit a doctor for an assessment. Some injuries may take days or weeks to appear, and what you once thought was minor could turn into a serious matter. 

If you were injured in an Illinois car accident, you should understand your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries as well as other damages related to your car accident. An Illinois car accident attorney can help you understand your options, but you may have limited time to take action. Contact Saperstein Law Group, P.C. today to discuss your case during a free case evaluation with our experienced law team.