Slip and Fall Accidents Chicago Attorney

Slip and fall is a name for situations where a person is injured by slipping or tripping and falling due to a dangerous or unreasonable condition on the premises. A fall can happen inside or outside of the property, and conditions such as a wet floor, bad flooring, poorly lit steps, a slippery sidewalk, a weather-related situation, escalator, elevator, swimming pool or any hidden hazards can cause the accident.

Slip and fall accidents are by far the most common type of premises liability cases in which property owners and businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment for people on their property. Accidents can result in death or serious injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury, neck & back injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Property owners are required to maintain and repair their business or residence so visitors are not injured. If you are a victim of a slip and fall, you may be entitled to recover medical expenses, lost wages and potential earnings, or disability payments

This image depicts a woman falling down the stairs.

A property owner may be liable for the injury of a visiting person under the following circumstances:

  1. If there is a failure to maintain the property by the owner or owner creates a condition that may result in injury or damage to another’s property.
  2. If the owner knows of danger and is aware that others will come onto to his or her property, but does nothing to eliminate the hazard, erect barriers, or warn others of the condition
  3. If the owner’s actions – or inactions – cause damage to his or her neighbors’ property

Hazardous conditions related to premises liability claims include:

  1. Black ice
  2. Improperly secured mats and rugs
  3. Potholes
  4. Substances or water on floors
  5. Uncleaned snow
Know What To Do If You Are Injured In a Slip and Fall.

Document the Details – Make sure to write down every detail concerning your slip and fall incident: What time of day did the accident occur?? What were you doing? Is there anything you did to cause the accident? Was there a flooring defect, a tripping hazard, spilled liquid, or other object that caused your fall? In your opinion, was the accident caused by the property owner’s negligence?

Take Pictures – Immediately take a cell phone photo that will show the date and provide an accurate real time photo of broken, wet, slippery, or damaged flooring that could have contributed to your fall.

Document Your Injuries – Be sure to document every doctor’s visit, every prescription and every time you receive physical therapy. The evidence of injury must be thoroughly documented so that, if awarded, compensation is based on fact and not fabrication. Keep all your physical therapy appointments and document any physical changes to your injury or challenges.

Witness – At the time of the incident ask bystanders if they are willing to testify that they saw what happened to you. An eyewitness can attest to your injury claim and corroborate your account of the slip and fall account for the attorneys. Your lawyer can interview and consult with witnesses to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their account.