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Our Results

Years’ Experience

$1.2MM – Truck Accident

Negotiated settlement for a client who suffered a head injury as a result of a head on collision and needed surgery. Our team negotiated over 10x the medical bills to ensure he had enough to ease his pain and suffering

$110,000 – Auto Accident

Client was involved in an accident and sustained a back injury and needed surgery. We won the maximum policy limit

Million in settlements

$500,000 – Personal Injury

Represented client living in CHA housing. There was a fire and client broke legs jumping out of window due to lack of escape route. Filed lawsuit against the City of Chicago and won on our client behalf

$300,000– Settlement

Settlement for at client involved in a rear-end accident. Three people were in the car and we negotiated for the policy limit.

$100,000 – Slip And Fall

Negotiated settlement with the City of Chicago. The client tripped on a broken sidewalk, fractured wrist, and needed surgery. Settlement ensured the client could take the time needed to recover without worrying about bills

Cases and clients

$260,000 – Automobile Accident

The client was in a car accident after being struck by another vehicle. We went to binding mediation and won the policy limit

$150,000- Pedestrian Accident

The client was struck by an automobile and suffered multiple fractures and contusions. Negotiated settlement for the policy limit for both insurance policies despite only being offered $10,000. The settlement provided money for pain and suffering