Car accidents are a common occurrence across the United States, and the city of Chicago is no exception. Each day, residents get in their vehicles to go to school, work, or run errands only to suddenly be involved in a collision. Everyone knows someone who has been involved in an accident in the city, and even more have been in an accident themselves. Because we deal with such cases every day, we’re sharing some information about car accidents in Chicago. 

chicago car accidents

Over 100,000 car accidents are reported in Chicago each year, accounting for one-third to half of all crashes across the entire state. Between city streets and crowded highways, accidents happen every day in Chicago for a variety of reasons. Distracted driving, speeding, and failure to yield all rank high among the causes for car accidents within the city. Those causes and more make Chicago residents more likely to be involved in car accidents, and it’s only growing each year.

Maybe it’s due to the busy city life or more people on the road; whatever the cause, Chicago is a hotspot for car accidents in Illinois. The numbers speak for themselves, and below we’ve listed some facts and statistics about Chicago car crashes in 2021.

  • Out of 295,604 reported accidents across the state in 2021, over 156,000 happened in Chicago
  • 29,409 injury accidents were reported that year
  • 423 fatal accidents occurred in Chicago in 2021
  • 3,265 injuries in Chicago car accidents were classified as incapacitating

Although the severity of an accident can vary greatly, a majority of accidents have something in common: they result in at least one injury. Even the most minor accident can cause harm to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or cyclists like whiplash, sprains, head injuries, broken bones, and more. Injuries vary from cuts, scrapes, and bruises to amputations and death. Some injuries take days or weeks to manifest, leading to delayed reporting of the injury. Others may require several surgeries or years of physical therapy in order to treat the symptoms of the injury. 

Physical injuries aren’t the only consequence of car accidents. Many people involved in collisions experience stress, anxiety, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) long after the collision happened. Just like physical trauma, mental and emotional trauma requires professional medical treatment to resolve. Stress over damaged property and medical bills can mount, and dealing with insurance companies often adds to that stress. 

There’s also the potential for lost wages and property damage after experiencing a car crash. Some injuries may require time off work to recover or, in extreme cases, can leave you unable to work.

With hundreds of car accidents happening across Chicago every day, many people find themselves in a new situation where they don’t know what to do. Dealing with insurance companies can take a lot of energy, and many times, victims accept a settlement that’s too low. If you were injured in a car accident in Chicago, a lawyer may be able to help. At Saperstein Law Group, P.C., our compassionate team is here to help you receive compensation for your injuries. We can assist with calculating the proper compensation and fighting for you to be paid what you deserve. Contact us today to go over your case during a free consultation.