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Most people who are in car accidents are overwhelmed with the aftermath. Repair bills, doctor visits, and dealing with insurance claims often leave car accident victims unsure how to handle everything all at once. However, many car accident victims are hesitant to hire a lawyer. Some think their case isn’t worth enough, while others worry about the cost of hiring a car accident attorney. If you’re considering obtaining legal representation after being involved in a car accident, these questions can help you decide. 

Unfortunately, injuries are a common result of car accidents. Whiplash, broken bones, head and neck injuries, soft tissue injuries are among some of the injuries that accident victims suffer from. Car accident cases that involve injuries can be complex because of the different costs involved. If you suffered an injury, you could benefit from hiring a lawyer to ensure that you receive the best care. Your lawyer can work on your case so you can focus on healing

While medical bills can be significant, other types of damages can impact a car accident victim’s life. Although it doesn’t take a serious accident to cause injuries, many collisions that result in injuries are major enough to cause property damage. For example, your injuries might cause you to miss work, leading to lost wages. You should also consider future expenses such as surgeries, physical therapy, or other treatments for which you should be compensated. Lawyers who specialize in car accident cases will know what types of damages you can claim and help you receive fair compensation for the present and future.

Fault is an important factor in dictating compensation in car accident cases. As a modified comparative negligence state, Illinois allows fault to be placed on more than one driver involved in the accident. After an investigation, you may be determined to hold partial blame. A car accident lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove that the fault lies with the other driver, which can impact the amount of damages you can claim in your accident case. 

Whether you’re dealing with your own insurance or that of another driver, you might find that their settlement offer doesn’t cover all your losses from the accident. If you’re unsure of how to negotiate with insurance or find that negotiating gets you nowhere, you’ll probably find a lawyer to be helpful. Car accident attorneys have the experience needed to successfully negotiate a higher settlement to maximize your compensation. Before you accept a settlement offer, discuss your case with an attorney who can review the offer

Discuss Your Case With An Illinois Car Accident Lawyer

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you could likely benefit from the services of a car accident lawyer. At Saperstein Law, we represent car accident victims across Illinois and help them through all parts of the legal process. Our law team has the skill and experience needed to increase your chances of success. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation.